Urban Office

Trestles offer great flexibility, easy to set up, easy to move. Without the slab ends of standard desks, trestle tables appear  lighter and less intrusive. The tripod Trestles three leg design means more room around your legs and more room for computer towers and rubbish bins etc. The chrome plating while being hardwearing also adds to the ‘light’ appearance.

The table surface can be made from a variety of materials. Meltica on mdf (medium density fibreboard) is the most common. Any kitchen manufacturing business should be able to make you a Meltica top to your dimensions. Interior hollow core doors can be used for a table top and thick glass gives a clean modern look. Plywood can be doubled up on the edges to make the top look thicker than it really is. Timber planks can make an outdoor dining table for use on the lawn or deck and then be put away when the party is over!



Tripod trestles for office desk

Urban Product – 60220
Width 600 Depth 625 Height 700